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Things to do in Corsica
Corsica, also known as the “Isle of Beauty”, is a dream destination for lovers of nature, culture and outdoor activities. Are you planning to travel to Corsica and would like to enrich your visit? Discover 5 must-do activities for your stay in Corsica. Each of them will offer you a unique and memorable experience!
Try your hand at diving in crystal-clear waters
Corsica’s seabed is particularly famous for its beauty and diversity. Scuba diving and snorkeling are very rewarding activities to enjoy in Corsica. They allow you to discover a fascinating underwater world, populated :

corals ;
of colorful fish ;
and ancient shipwrecks.

What’s more, there are numerous dive sites where you can enjoy breathtaking underwater panoramas. This is particularly true of the Scandola nature reserve, accessible only by sea. Prepare to be amazed by the wealth of underwater flora and fauna, in waters of exceptional clarity.
Hike along the coast
Corsica is undoubtedly a hiker’s paradise, with its coastal paths offering spectacular views of the Mediterranean.

The Douaniers trail, for example, plunges you into the heart of wild, unspoilt landscapes with white sandy beaches and secret coves that can only be reached on foot. Hiking is the perfect way to discover the island’s natural beauty at your own pace. They also offer the chance to relax on Corsica’s most beautiful beaches.
Take an interest in local gastronomy
Corsica is equally renowned for its rich and varied cuisine, combining Mediterranean flavours with local specialities. Don’t forget to try figatellu (pork sausage), brocciu (fresh sheep’s or goat’s cheese) or the famous Corsican soup.

You can also take a trip to the local markets to meet producers and artisans who will share their island’s secrets with you. In addition to all this, a tasting of Corsican wines, made from indigenous grape varieties, is the perfect way to immerse yourself in Corsican gastronomic culture.
Water sports in the Mediterranean
Corsica is undoubtedly an ideal playground for those who love water sports. Whether you enjoy windsurfing, sea kayaking, stand-up paddling or jet-skiing, you’ll find what you’re looking for in the many bays and beaches of the island of beauty.

Corsica’s turquoise waters are also perfect for boat trips. You’ll enjoy a unique perspective of the wild coastline and magnificent seascapes.
Visit Corsica’s archaeological sites
Corsica’s rich and tumultuous history is reflected in its many archaeological sites. From prehistory to Roman times, via medieval remains, the island abounds in historical treasures to explore.

Sites like Filitosa, with its statue-menhirs, or the citadel of Calvi promise a fascinating journey through time. These visits are really an opportunity to learn more about the complex history of Corsica and its people.