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Corsican landscapes
The island of beauty or Corsica, is a true Mediterranean jewel presenting a great diversity of breathtaking landscapes. From steep peaks to fine sandy beaches, dense forests and crystal clear rivers, Corsica seduces with its wild and unspoiled nature. To give you an overview of what awaits you at this beautiful destination, we immerse you in the heart of the Corsican landscapes. Discover the natural treasures that make this island a true paradise on earth !
What are the beautiful landscapes that you can observe in Corsica ?
Corsica is full of many natural wonders which make it a very popular destination for nature lovers. Its landscapes promise you a grandiose spectacle, where majestic mountains, heavenly coastlines, lush forests and clear waterways mingle.
The Corsican mountains
The Corsican mountains, with their impressive peaks and deep valleys, are a real playground for hikers and thrill-seekers. For example, we find the Monte Cinto, one of the largest mountains on the island which rises to 2,706 meters above sea level. The latter offers a breathtaking panorama of the Mediterranean and the neighboring islands.
Beaches and coastlines
Corsican beaches are renowned for their turquoise waters and fine sand. From Calvi to Porto-Vecchio via Ajaccio, the Corsican coastline is full of beautiful landscapes ideal for relaxation. You can go swimming or surfing there in summer to have a good time with friends.
Corsican forests and maquis
In Corsica, forests and maquis are emblematic elements of the landscape. The maquis, an odorous and dense plant formation, is made up of shrubs and bushes which adapt well to the Mediterranean climate. The forests, for their part, are home to a wide diversity of species, including laricio pines and holm oaks, for example. These preserved natural environments are a true refuge for fauna and flora and contribute to the ecological wealth of the island.
What are the particularities of the landscapes in Corsica ?
Corsican landscapes are distinguished by several characteristics which contribute to their singularity. This unique identity is shaped by the Mediterranean influence, the richness of Corsican biodiversity and the preservation of the island’s natural heritage.
A great Mediterranean influence
You should know that the Corsican landscape is very marked by its belonging to the Mediterranean basin. Indeed, in this region, we find a mild climate, hot and dry summers as well as temperate winters. All this shapes a vegetation in which aromatic plants, resistant shrubs and evergreen trees dominate. This Mediterranean influence gives it persistence. Corsica, a landscape with unique colors.
The richness of biodiversity
Corsica is home to exceptional biodiversity, both in terms of fauna and flora. The geographical isolation of the island has allowed the development of several endemic species. Among them, we can cite the Corsican mouflon, emblem of the island, but also rare plants like Corsican vetch or spider grass. This ecological wealth makes Corsica a true ecological crossroads which attracts scientists and enthusiasts from all over the world.
A well-preserved natural heritage
Over the years, despite the threats of climate change, Corsica has managed to preserve its natural heritage. Which allows it to display one of the most beautiful landscapes in Europe today. As proof, the Corsica Regional Natural Park created in 1972 ensures the conservation of the ecosystems and landscapes of the island. Likewise, several natural reserves are present on theisland of beauty and guarantee the sustainability of Corsican natural treasures for future generations.
Which Corsican cities to visit to capture beautiful landscapes ?
In Corsica, you will find very beautiful towns with magnificent landscapes. You will therefore not be able to fail to capture beautiful photos as a souvenir of this beautiful island.
Located in the far south of the island, Bonifacio is famous for its impressive limestone cliffs that plunge into the turquoise sea. The upper town, perched on a promontory, offers breathtaking views. So don’t miss visiting the citadel and strolling through the cobbled streets of the historic center.
This seaside town in the northwest of Corsica seduces with its citadel overlooking the sea, its fine sandy beaches and its mountainous hinterland. From Calvi, you can explore the magnificent Balagne region and its hilltop villages such as Sant’Antonino, classified among the most beautiful villages in France.
Porto and the Calanques de Piana
On the west coast, the small port of Porto is an ideal destination for discovering the Calanques de Piana. This wonder is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. To tell you the truth, at the level of these flamboyantly colored rock formations you can admire a unique landscape of its kind.
What are the essential experiences to have in Corsica ?
On the island of beauty, it is possible to live a multitude of unique experiences in the heart of the breathtaking landscapes that you will find. Here are some essential activities to try to fully enjoy the beautiful landscapes of the island.
Mountain hikes
The Corsican mountains continue to be true paradises for hiking enthusiasts. There are marked trails that offer breathtaking panoramic effects. Apart from this, trekkers can also explore the dense forests, high altitude lakes and do many other interesting activities on the island.
Discovering local products
By visiting Corsica, you have the opportunity to discover the cultural identity of the island through products that demonstrate its ancestral know-how. For example, you can go and meet local producers to taste Corsican cheeses like brocciu or niulincu. Don’t miss either savoring the artisanal charcuterie or discovering the secrets of Corsican beekeeping and maquis honey during your stay.
Water activities
With its crystal clear waters and dream beaches, Corsica is a true paradise for lovers of water activities. Scuba diving, the kayak or sea fishing are all ways to enjoy the beauty of Corsican coastal landscapes. These various experiences allow visitors to fully experience the magic of the landscapes and leave with unforgettable memories of this island.