10 Corsica Travel and Excursion Tips


Corsica, the Isle of Beauty, is a Mediterranean sanctuary that promises exceptional travel experiences. With its breathtaking scenery, rich culture and exquisite cuisine, Corsica stands out as an idyllic destination for travel and adventure enthusiasts. Here are ten invaluable tips to maximize your experience when visiting Corsica.

Wise planning: Leave yourself plenty of time to explore Corsica. Despite its modest size, the island is packed with natural wonders and cultural attractions. A well-planned itinerary makes for a rewarding exploration.

Beach exploration

Corsica is famous for its heavenly beaches. From the fine sandy beaches of Palombaggia to the hidden coves of Roccapina, each beach offers its own unique beauty and atmosphere.

Corsica’s 4 most beautiful beaches: a paradise of sand and crystal-clear water

Corsica, a Mediterranean jewel, is famous for its breathtaking beaches that look like something straight out of a postcard. Corsica’s shores offer a natural spectacle rich in color, fragrance and breathtaking scenery. Each beach is an escape, a meeting place for fine sand, turquoise waters and generous Mediterranean sunshine.

Firstly, Palombaggia beach, near Porto-Vecchio, is a must-see. It stretches like a daydream, combining umbrella pines with translucent water and soft sand. This beach is a hymn to the beauty of southern Corsicaa place where every wave delicately caresses the shore, and where nature reveals its finest finery.

Then there’s Rondinara beach, also near Porto-Vecchio, which hugs a magnificent shell-shaped bay. The calm, shallow waters make it a paradise for families and snorkelers. The symphony of colors between the blue of the sea, the green of the surrounding nature and the golden sand creates a vivid picture of island magnificence.

Lotu beach, in the Agriates desert, is a jewel accessible by boat or on foot. It’s a wild setting, where the sea meets the mountains, offering a pure, almost mystical experience. The beach is a sanctuary of tranquility, allowing visitors to connect intimately with the unspoilt natural essence of Corsica.

The beach at Saleccia, also nestled in the Agriates desert, is a stretch of white sand mingling with hypnotically clear waters. It embodies the paradisiacal image of Corsica, a place where time seems suspended and the horizon opens onto infinite possibilities for wonder and relaxation.

Mountain walks

Corsica is a land of mountains. Trails like the GR 20 offer exceptional panoramic views and direct contact with the island’s splendid wilderness.

Culinary discovery

Taste the local delicacies. Corsican cured meats, cheeses and wines are just some of the gastronomic highlights that reflect the authenticity and richness of local traditions.

Visit the hilltop villages

Corsican villages such as Sant’Antonino and Pigna offer a journey through history and culture, with their narrow streets, ancient churches and spectacular views.

Festival participation

Get involved in Corsican culture by taking part in local festivals. Music, dance and traditions are beautifully celebrated, enriching your travel experience.

Coastal navigation

Explore Corsica from the sea. Boat excursions offer a unique perspective on the island, with the chance to discover places accessible only by sea.

Corsica’s most beautiful seaside walks: Sailing on the Mediterranean blue

Sailing around Corsica is an enchanting experience where the blue waters of the Mediterranean reveal the hidden splendor of the Isle of Beauty. Sea walks offer a unique perspective, allowing travelers to immerse themselves in a natural symphony where the sea meets mountains, cliffs and secret coves.

A sea excursion to the Scandola nature reserve is a must. A UNESCO World Heritage site, Scandola is a masterpiece of nature, offering spectacular views of rock formations, crystal-clear waters and marine biodiversity. Boats glide over calm waters, revealing geological wonders and wild coastlines where time seems to have stopped its embrace.

The Calanques de Piana are another marvel, revealed in all their majesty by the sea. The immense red granite cliffs seem to plunge into the turquoise depths of the Mediterranean, creating an extraordinary visual spectacle. Sailing through these calanques is like sailing through a living painting, each turn and view revealing a new facet of Corsican beauty.

Or embark on an excursion around the Gulf of Porto, where the waters open onto a rich marine biodiversity and breathtaking coastal panoramas. It’s a marine adventure where every moment spent on the water seems to be a discovery, a deeper communion with the natural and marine beauty of Corsica.

These Corsican cruises are more than just voyages; they are invitations to explore, admire and feel the authentic soul of this magnificent island. The ever-welcoming Mediterranean waters serve as a guide through an unforgettable exploration of Corsica’s hidden treasures.

Selection of accommodations

Choose accommodations that enhance your experience. Options range from luxury hotels to traditional B&Bs, each offering a distinct experience.

Respect for the environment

Corsica is proud of its unspoilt landscapes. Respect nature by minimizing your environmental impact, and adopt sustainable travel practices.

Familiarity with traditions: Before you leave, familiarize yourself with Corsican customs and traditions. A basic knowledge will enrich your appreciation and understanding of the island and its people.

Catenacciu de Sartène: A Moving Corsican Tradition

Sartène’s Catenacciu, an emblematic religious procession, resonates at the heart of Corsica, anchoring the island even more deeply in a rich heritage of tradition and spirituality. This event, deeply rooted in the Christian faith, transforms the picturesque streets of Sartène into a sacred theater where a powerful act of devotion and penance takes place.

Every Good Friday, as twilight envelops Corsica in a mystical atmosphere, the streets of Sartène fill with the murmur of prayers and sacred chants, revealing the spiritual depth of this Mediterranean land. The Catenacciu, which means “the condemned man in chains” in Corsican, is a poignant representation of Christ’s Passion, symbolizing his suffering path to crucifixion.

The penitent, his feet bare and his face hidden beneath a red hood, carries a heavy cross on his shoulder, walking the cobbled streets in a pilgrimage of pain and redemption. Accompanied by the brotherhood of Sainte-Marie and followed by an appreciative crowd, Sartène’s Catenacciu depicts a scene of collective devotion, marking the spirit with its intensity and fervor.

Corsica is a destination that enchants with its diversity and natural beauty. By following these tips, you can ensure a rewarding Corsican adventurefull of impressive and unforgettable discoveries.

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