10 reasons to choose a campsite in Corsica with a water park


Corsica, pearl of the Mediterranean, is a destination that makes you dream. Known for its heavenly beaches and impressive mountains, it also offers a variety of accommodation to suit all tastes and budgets. Opting for a campsite with a water park in Corsica is a wise choice for an unforgettable holiday, and here are 10 reasons why you should consider this option.

Family atmosphere

Campsites in Corsica with water parks offer a friendly and warm atmosphere, ideal for families looking to create memorable memories together.

Entertainment for everyone

The water park provides moments of fun and relaxation for all ages. Children will have fun in the slides and paddling pools, while adults can relax in the swimming pools and jacuzzis.

Proximity to nature

By staying at a campsite in Corsica, you will be as close as possible to nature, allowing total immersion in the beauty and serenity of the island landscapes.


Campsites with water parks often offer better value for money, allowing you to enjoy the beauties of Corsica without breaking the bank.

Entertainment and activities

These campsites generally offer a varied range of entertainment and activities to liven up your days and evenings.

Unmissable entertainment and activities at water parks in Corsica

Water parks in Corsica are not simply places where water is king. They are true spaces of entertainment and leisure where every day is a new adventure. The range of entertainment and activities is as rich as it is varied, guaranteeing each visitor unique moments of pleasure and relaxation.

Water slides: The masters of the place, the water slides offer thrills and bursts of laughter. They are often multiple, with varied sizes and shapes, thus adapting to all desires for aquatic adventures.

Water slides in Corsica are much more than just structures within water parks; they are the beating heart that gets visitors’ adrenaline pumping and creates unforgettable memories of an extraordinary island stay. Of different sizes and shapes, they invite water adventurers to dive into a world of thrills and exhilaration.

Starting with the infinite spirals that defy gravity, each water slide in Corsica is designed to provide a unique experience. Sliding at full speed, whirling, and finally landing in the water with a burst of laughter and splashes, the slides promise an exceptional adventure, pumping up adrenaline and leaving every visitor drenched in happiness and excitement.

The most daring will be attracted by the dizzying falls, where you can almost touch the sky before a lightning descent. For families, multi-lane slides offer the perfect opportunity to compete in lively races, creating shared moments of complicity.

Corsica’s water slides are also built with particular consideration for safety and comfort. With adequate landing areas and careful monitoring, they ensure that every descent is as safe as it is exhilarating.

But the attraction doesn’t stop with just sliding. The architecture of the slides, the play of light and the water effects intertwine to create an enchanting aesthetic, making the experience even more immersive and memorable. The captivating panoramas of Corsica add to this ambiance, with the sun sparkling on the waters, and the sea breeze caressing every face during the exciting descent.

Water slides stand as true monuments of pleasure, enriching the atmosphere of the parks with a feeling of joy, freedom and adventure, making them a must-see when visiting a water park in Corsica.

Wave pools

Reproducing the effect of the sea, these swimming pools are a space where young and old can experience the joys of surfing or simply have fun in the waves.

Aquagym classes

Water parks often offer aquagym classes, allowing you to combine the pleasure of water and invigorating physical activity.

Lazy Rivers

For those seeking tranquility, lazy rivers offer a gentle ride on buoys, following the flow of water.

Children’s play areas

The little ones are not left out, with spaces dedicated to them, with games, small slides and paddling pools to have fun in complete safety.

Relaxation areas

For those looking to relax, the parks offer relaxation areas with deck chairs, umbrellas, and sometimes even jacuzzis.

Catering and snacks

Between two dives, catering areas are there to satisfy small and large appetites with a variety of meal and snack options.

Entertainment and shows

Some parks also offer various activities during the day and evening, such as shows, concerts or theme evenings.

Swimming lessons

Water parks can also offer swimming lessons for different levels, supervised by professionals.

Workshops and clubs for children

To keep the youngest entertained and allow them to make new friends, creative workshops and children’s clubs are often organized.

Each water park in Corsica has its own identity and specificities, but all have the common objective of offering visitors an unforgettable experience, combining joy, relaxation and discoveries. These spaces are designed so that each member of the family finds happiness and spends unforgettable moments under the Corsican sun.

Discovery of authentic Corsica

Staying in a campsite allows you to meet the locals and discover Corsican culture in a more intimate way.


Campsites offer different accommodation options such as bungalows, chalets or tent sites, allowing you to choose what best suits your needs and budget.

On-site services

Most campsites with water parks in Corsica have numerous services such as restaurants, grocery stores, or even bike rentals to make your stay easier.


Campsites are often well located, providing easy access to Corsica’s beaches, mountains and other tourist attractions.


Staying in a campsite with a water park encourages you to disconnect, allowing you to truly enjoy every moment of your vacation in Corsica and come back recharged.

Choosing a campsite with a water park in Corsica means choosing the guarantee of a relaxing, entertaining holiday full of discoveries, in an exceptional setting in the heart of the Mediterranean.

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