5 Tips to make the most of your stay at Merendella campsite in Corsica


A Mediterranean pearl with dazzling shores and breathtaking landscapes, Corsica is a destination that promises a spectacular escape. Immersed in this paradise, Merendella campsite is an ode to island beauty, where the nuances of nature merge beautifully with comfort and elegance. Here are five valuable tips to optimize your stay and bathe in the seductive essence of Corsica at the Merendella campsite.

1. Explore Natural Magnificence :

Corsica is a living canvas of natural wonders, and Camping Merendella is the ideal starting point to discover this splendor. Enjoy the surrounding hiking trails, explore the pristine beaches and immerse yourself in the serenity of Corsican forests and mountains. Let each day be a new adventure, a celebration of the diversity and magnificence of the Isle of Beauty.

Hikes around Moriani Plage: Natural exploration in the heart of Corsica

Moriani Plage, located on the eastern coast of Corsica, is an invitation to escape and discovery. Beyond its azure waters and golden beaches, it is an idyllic starting point for diving into the heart of varied and captivating landscapes through hiking. The trails around Moriani Plage offer a multitude of hiking experiences that will delight nature and walking enthusiasts.

One of the essential routes is the one leading to the Ucelluline waterfall. This path takes you through lush forests and refreshing streams. The gentle murmur of nature accompanies each step, and arriving at the waterfall is a magical reward, where the water flows in a striking aquatic ballet.

Another enchanting route is that of the San Petrone mountain. The trail rises through dense forest, offering spectacular views of the Tyrrhenian Sea and surrounding villages. Each turn reveals a new facet of Corsican beauty, where the green of the mountains meets the azure of the sea in perfect harmony.

For history and culture enthusiasts, hiking to traditional Corsican villages is an unmissable experience. Picturesque paths lead to authentic hamlets like Santa-Maria-Poggio and San-Nicolao, where the charm of the past is preserved and where each alley, each stone tells a story.

The coastal paths also offer extraordinary hikes, where the scent of the Mediterranean sea caresses the senses, and where the gentle sound of the waves punctuates the walk. The breathtaking panoramas, secret beaches and isolated coves are all hidden treasures that are revealed as you walk.

Moriani Plage is a crossroads where sea and mountains, history and nature meet. The hikes around this magnificent place offer an immersion into an authentic and wild Corsica, where each path is an adventure and each panorama a living picture of the natural wonders of the Isle of Beauty. By following these paths, you will embrace the unparalleled diversity and splendor of Corsica, making your stay an enriching and memorable exploration.

2. Immerse yourself in aquatic pleasures:

The gentle murmur of the waves and the call of the turquoise waters are undoubtedly intoxicating. Whether swimming, diving or simply relaxing by the water, be sure to spend time exploring and enjoying the aquatic pleasures of Corsica at the Merendella campsite.

The Merendella campsite water park: an oasis of pleasure and relaxation in Corsica

The Merendella campsite, nestled in the heart of sublime Corsica, is not only a place to stay, but a holiday destination in itself, and its water park is the jewel of this heavenly setting. This exceptional water park is a marvel designed to provide unforgettable moments of aquatic bliss to visitors of all ages, ensuring that every day spent here is full of fun and refreshment.

From the moment you enter the water park, you are greeted by a surge of sparkling blue, the pools sparkling under the Corsican sun, promising immersion in a world of freshness and fun. The different areas of the water park are meticulously planned to offer diverse experiences, whether for thrill seekers, families with children or those looking to relax peacefully.

The slides, these guardians of adrenaline and thrill, stand proudly, inviting adventurers to experience exhilarating descents and let themselves be carried away by waves of pure pleasure. Every slide is a celebration, every splash a laugh, ensuring that excitement remains at the heart of your experience at the Merendella campsite water park.

For those seeking a swim in serenity, the calm pools offer a refuge where the clear waters gently caress, allowing visitors to float and immerse themselves in a state of absolute relaxation. The little ones are not left out, with spaces dedicated to them, ensuring that their experience is both safe and overflowing with fun and games.

Surrounded by the opulent nature of Corsica, the water park also basks in a setting of natural beauty, where the green of the trees and the blue of the sky merge to create a dazzling landscape. Every corner of the park is a spot to sit and admire the surrounding beauty, allowing visitors to connect deeply with the natural magnificence of the island.

The Merendella campsite water park is more than a place for aquatic entertainment; it is an ode to the joy of living, an invitation to create memorable memories in the vibrant heart of Corsica. By staying there, you ensure an escape filled with enchanting moments, laughter and endless fun in this exceptional aquatic paradise.

3. Savor Corsican gastronomy:

Corsican cuisine is a feast of flavors and textures, and your stay at the Merendella campsite is the perfect opportunity to delight in this gastronomy. From local charcuterie to authentic cheeses, each dish is a culinary exploration that reflects the cultural richness and diversity of Corsica.

4. Connect to local culture:

Immerse yourself in the cultural essence of Corsica by participating in events, festivals and exploring the picturesque villages around Merendella campsite. Every stone, every alley, every smile is a page of the rich heritage and fascinating history of this majestic island.

5. Choose relaxation and well-being:

Finally, don’t forget to relax and recharge your batteries. The comfortable facilities of the Merendella campsite, combined with the mild Corsican climate and soothing panoramas, create the perfect atmosphere for absolute relaxation and deep well-being.

When you stay at Merendella campsite in Corsica, every moment is an opportunity to connect, explore and enrich yourself with the wonders of this sublime island. Follow these tips to make your stay an unforgettable experience and a joyful ode to Corsican magnificence.

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