Campsites with Paddle Rental in Corsica: The Island of Beauty on a Board


Paddleboarding for Sports Holidays in Corsica

If Corsica is already a dream destination for its breathtaking landscapes and cultural richness, it also stands out as an ideal playground for sporting holidays. And what better way to combine sport and discovery than paddle boarding ? This booming water sport offers an original and dynamic way to discover the hidden treasures of Corsica, while working the whole body. Tone your muscles, improve your balance and gain endurance while exploring the secret corners of the coasts and lagoons of the Isle of Beauty.

By opting for a sporting holiday in Corsica, you have the opportunity to practice paddle boarding in optimal conditions. The crystal clear waters of the island offer perfect visibility to appreciate the underwater flora and fauna, while the secluded beaches welcome you for moments of relaxation after exercise. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced paddler, the campsites equipped for paddle rental in Corsica will meet all your expectations for a vacation that is both sporty and invigorating.

Grab your paddle and let yourself glide across the turquoise waters of Corsica for a vacation experience you won’t soon forget. With each paddle stroke, a new panorama is offered to you, a new adventure that begins. Paddleboarding in Corsica is the perfect alliance between sport, nature and escape.

If the Isle of Beauty is already a paradise destination for its breathtaking landscapes, imagine Corsica seen from the water, standing on a paddle board. Emerald beaches, secluded coves and dramatic cliffs, everything becomes even more magical when you’re at water level. Here we present to you a selection of campsites in Corsica which will allow you to live this unique experience.

Camping Merendella in Moriani Plage

Located on the eastern coast of Corsica, Camping Merendella in Moriani Plage is a gem for water sports lovers. Surrounded by lush nature, this campsite offers its visitors the possibility of renting paddles directly on site. Paddle peacefully in the clear waters of the Corsican coastline, while enjoying first-class facilities. From the aquatic area to the shaded pitches, everything here is designed for an unforgettable stay in Corsica.

Camping U Pirellu in Porto Vecchio

Nestled in the heart of a pine forest, Camping U Pirellu in Porto Vecchio offers an extraordinary experience. It is a short distance from the heavenly beaches for which Corsica is renowned. Equipped with multiple services, including paddle rental, this campsite offers you the opportunity to discover the magnificent surrounding lagoons and bays. After a day full of emotions, you can relax in a comfortable chalet or in a tent for the more adventurous.

Camping Le Sud in Porticcio

Located in Porticcio, a small seaside resort not far from Ajaccio, Camping Le Sud is an oasis of well-being. Paddleboard enthusiasts will be delighted by the rental offers directly available at the campsite. Not only will you have access to a beautiful private beach, but also to a wide range of sporting activities. The campsite is perfectly equipped to meet all your requirements: swimming pool, restaurant, and of course, a wide selection of paddle boards.

Corsica is not only a sublime destination for lovers of nature and water sports, but it is also the ideal place to indulge in paddle boarding. Whether you are a beginner or experienced, the Merendella campsites in Moriani Plage, U Pirellu in Porto Vecchio and Le Sud in Porticcio are essential choices for a rich and authentic experience on the Isle of Beauty. These places to stay offer you the unique opportunity to combine adventure, relaxation and discoveries in Corsica. So, get on your paddles !

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