Corsica in the rain


Even in the rain, Corsica remains a fascinating destination offering a multitude of activities. Known for its breathtaking scenery and Mediterranean climate, the Isle of Beauty also has plenty to offer on rainy days. Here are a few ideas for making the most of Corsica, even when the weather doesn’t lend itself to outdoor activities.

Corsica in the rain

1. Explore Corsica’s museums

Rainy days are perfect for immersing yourself in Corsican culture and history through its museums. The Museum of Corsica in Corte, located in the Citadel, offers a fascinating insight into the island’s history and culture. For art lovers, the Musée Fesch in Ajaccio houses an impressive collection of Italian paintings.

The Museum of Corsica in Corte: A Journey through Island History and Culture

Nestled in the heart of Corsica, in the historic town of Corte, the Musée de la Corse is a must for understanding the soul of this fascinating island. This museum, located in the Citadel of Corte, offers visitors an in-depth insight into Corsican history, culture and traditions.

– An Immersion in Corsican History

The Museum of Corsica boasts a rich collection tracing the island’s history from prehistoric times to the present day. Permanent and temporary exhibitions shed light on the historical events, social practices and traditions that have shaped Corsican identity.

– Celebrating Corsican Culture and Traditions

Through its collections, the museum highlights Corsican culture in all its diversity. Everyday objects, traditional costumes, musical instruments and works of folk art illustrate the island’s rich and varied cultural heritage.

– Imposing architecture

The Museum of Corsica is located in the Citadelle of Corte, a historic building overlooking the city. The architecture of the citadel, with its ramparts and panoramic views of the surrounding mountains, adds an impressive dimension to the museum visit.

– Interactive and Educational Exhibitions

The museum’s exhibits are designed to be interactive and engaging, offering an educational experience for visitors of all ages. Multimedia, audiovisual installations and interactive spaces enrich our understanding of Corsican history and culture.

– A Research and Documentation Centre

The Musée de la Corse also serves as a research and documentation center, with a rich library of works on Corsica. It is a resource center for researchers, students and anyone interested in the history of Corsica.

– Cultural Events and Workshops

The museum regularly organizes events, workshops and conferences highlighting Corsican culture. These activities are opportunities for visitors to interact with the local community and take part in the island’s cultural life.

Museum of Corsica in Corte
is a place of memory and discovery, where Corsican history and culture are alive and accessible. A visit to this museum is essential for anyone wishing to immerse themselves in the rich and complex history of this unique Mediterranean island.

2. Gastronomic Discovery in Inns and Restaurants

Corsica is renowned for its delicious cuisine. Take advantage of a rainy day to savor local specialties at inns and restaurants. Dishes such as Corsican soup, wild boar stew and the famous Brocciu cheese will comfort you on less sunny days.

3. Visit Distilleries and Wine Cellars

Corsica, with its vineyards and distilleries, offers great opportunities for wine and spirits tasting. Visit a wine cellar to discover local wines, or explore a distillery of myrtle, a traditional Corsican liqueur, for a unique taste experience.

4. Wellness and Spa sessions

For total relaxation, what could be better than a spa day? Several hotels and wellness centers in Corsica offer treatments, massages and thalassotherapy sessions, ideal for relaxing and rejuvenating.

5. Shopping in Towns and Villages

Rainy days are perfect for shopping. Stroll the streets of Ajaccio, Bastia or Calvi, where you’ll find boutiques selling Corsican handicrafts, clothing and unique souvenirs.

6. Discovering churches and cathedrals

Corsica has a rich religious heritage. Visit buildings such as the Cathedral of Notre-Dame de l’Assomption in Ajaccio or the Church of Saint-Michel in Murato, architectural gems that bear witness to the island’s deep-rooted history.

Corsica, even in the rain, offers a rich and varied experience. Whether you choose to immerse yourself in the culture, indulge in the local gastronomy, relax in a spa, or go shopping, the island has many pleasant and memorable moments in store for you. Each activity allows you to discover a different aspect of Corsica
of Corsica, enriching your stay
on this magnificent island.

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