Go camping in Corsica with your family


Corsica, a true Mediterranean jewel, is a dream destination for families looking for an unforgettable vacation. With its breathtaking landscapes which combine mountains, forests and fine sandy beaches, the island offers an exceptional natural setting to recharge your batteries in the great outdoors.

Going camping on this paradise island is an excellent option to fully enjoy all its treasures. Far from the stress of everyday life, you will have the opportunity to create precious memories with your family, through multiple activities suitable for young and old. Discover here the essential things you need to know to make your stay on this island a success.

What is the point of going camping in Corsica with your family ?

Corsica is full of numerous opportunities to discover its natural wonders, learn about water sports or explore its rich culture. These experiences shared as a family will be great opportunities to get closer, to relax and to marvel together at the beauty of the Corsican landscapes.

Campsites also offer the advantage of allowing total immersion in this privileged natural environment. Rather than staying in a hotel or rental, you can settle comfortably on a spacious pitch, as close as possible to nature.

Your children will be able to fully enjoy the joys of camping: games, evenings around the fire, observation of the fauna and flora, etc. Thus, choosing Corsica for a family camping trip offers you the opportunity to experience a unique vacation. These will be rich in discoveries and unforgettable moments of sharing.

What activities can you do as a family during a Corsican camping trip ?

Corsica is full of a multitude of exciting activities to share with the family during a camping trip. Are you a fan of nature, water sports or cultural discoveries ? This island will satisfy all tastes.

Enjoy natural wonders

Corsica is a destination that features many breathtaking natural landscapes. You can go hiking with the family on the coastal or mountain trails, to admire breathtaking panoramas.

The fine sandy beaches bordered by turquoise waters will also be an ideal place for swimming and having fun. Thrill-seekers can even try water activities. These include kayaking or paddleboarding, two activities that will allow you to explore the coves and coves from the sea.

Finally, don’t miss visiting the island’s nature reserves, such as Scandola or the Bouches de Bonifacio. These UNESCO World Heritage sites are full of exceptional flora and fauna to observe with the family.

Getting started with water sports

As well as discovering nature, Corsica also offers many opportunities for family water sports. Whether diving or water skiing, the water sports centers offer activities suitable for all levels.

These fun experiences will allow your children to marvel at the beauty of the seabed or to feel the exhilarating sensations of board sports. You can also try these activities together, for unforgettable moments of sharing.

How to prepare yourself to have a successful stay ?

Although Corsica is a dream destination for family vacations, it is important to prepare well for your stay. This will allow you to spend your vacation in optimal conditions. So, know that the choice of camping location is essential.

It is recommended to opt for a campsite located near the most beautiful natural sites on the island. Some campsites also offer entertainment and activities specially designed for children, which can be a significant asset.

Do not hesitate to also find out about the equipment and services offered by the different Corsican campsites. This will help you choose the one that best meets your expectations and those of your family. A spacious location, suitable sanitary facilities and on-site activities will be key elements for a successful stay.

Finally, remember to equip yourself with the necessary camping equipment (tent, sleeping bags, stove, etc.) and plan your activities in advance. This will allow you to fully enjoy your stay, while respecting the environment and ensuring the safety of your children.

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