Kayaking at Moriani Plage: An Unmissable Nautical Experience in Corsica


Nestled on the eastern coast of Corsica, Moriani beach is a true jewel of the Isle of Beauty. This destination is the perfect stopover for all water sports lovers, especially those who want to venture into the crystal clear waters by kayak. If Corsica is known for its preserved nature, its mountains and its isolated coves, Moriani Plage offers you an ideal setting for an exceptional kayaking experience.

Moriani Beach: A Natural Setting for Kayaking

Located in the Costa Verde region, Moriani Plage is bordered by turquoise-reflecting waters, making it a sublime setting for kayaking. The shore is lapped by relatively calm seas, perfect for beginners and experienced kayakers alike. With each paddle stroke, it’s as if you’re opening a new chapter of a book where Corsica reveals its best-kept secrets: small, discreet coves, marine fauna to observe and, of course, breathtaking panoramas. .

The Advantages of Kayaking at Moriani Plage

Moriani Plage is not only a great destination for lounging in the sun. It is also a fantastic starting point for kayak excursions which will take you to discover the Corsican coast. Several local providers offer kayak rental services, often accompanied by guides who will take you to uncrowded places, far from the beaten track. Another option is to follow one of the many well-mapped kayak routes for a solo or family adventure.

Where to Rent a Kayak ?

If you are attracted to the idea of kayaking at Moriani Plage, you will not be left out in terms of choice for equipment rental. Several establishments in the region offer kayaks for rental. Among them, the very famous “Camping Merendella” offers high quality kayaks, as well as all the safety equipment necessary for a peaceful adventure.

Kayak Rentals at Moriani Plage: Your Gateway to Adventure in Corsica

To make your dreams of maritime exploration come true at Moriani Plage in Corsica, several renowned service providers are at your disposal. Each rental company offers unique services, featuring a variety of experiences to meet the needs of every kayaker, whether novice or experienced.

Costa Verde Adventure :

Located in the heart of the magnificent Costa Verde region, this provider is one of the most popular for kayak rental in Corsica. With a wide range of options, from single to double kayaks, Costa Verde Aventure ensures you have an unforgettable nautical experience, surrounded by the breathtaking landscapes of Corsica.

Corsican Nautical Club Sport Well-Being :

If you are looking for a more holistic approach to boating, this is the club for you. Not only does it offer kayak rentals, but it also offers a variety of wellness and fitness programs to pair with your water adventures. An excellent choice for those who wish to combine sport and relaxation in Corsica.

Camping Merendella :

Already mentioned previously, this campsite is not limited to simple accommodation. It is also positioned as a must for kayak rental at Moriani Plage. Their advantage ? Immediate proximity to the sea, allowing you to go kayaking directly from your place of stay, without the hassle of transport.

Moriani Plage in Corsica is not only a dream destination for beach and sun lovers; it is also a paradise for kayakers. Thanks to competent and varied service providers, each adventurous person will find the service that suits them to explore the hidden wonders of the Corsican coast. Don’t hesitate to check out these kayak rental companies for your next getaway to Moriani Plage.

Safety and Precautions

It goes without saying that safety must be your priority when kayaking, even in conditions as ideal as those offered by Corsica. Make sure you always have a life jacket and know the basic rules of navigation. Local operators can provide you with all the information and equipment needed to ensure a safe and memorable kayaking experience.

Kayaking at Moriani Plage in Corsica is an experience not to be missed for any adventurer or family looking to combine sport, exploration and the natural beauty of the Isle of Beauty. With its calm, crystal clear waters and varied kayak rental options, Moriani Plage stands out as a destination of choice for diving into the heart of authentic Corsica, one paddle at a time. So, when are you going on your adventure ?

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