The Luxurious 4-star Camping Club Merendella in upper Corsica


Camping Club Merendella, nestled on the splendid eastern coast of Corsica, offers an unforgettable getaway for travelers seeking relaxation and adventure. Let yourself be carried away by the natural beauty of Corsica, the golden beaches and crystal clear waters, by choosing this campsite as your place to stay.

Pitches and Accommodation in Corsica

Classic Pitches – You have the choice between 21 pitches of 80 m², including 4 on the seafront. These locations offer you incredible views and direct access to the beach, a rarity in Corsica.

Privilege pitches – Take advantage of privileged camping pitches, offering even more comfort and space, with sizes up to 200m².

Activities and Leisure in Corsica

The essence of Camping Club Merendella in Corsica lies in the many activities it offers. Whether it’s the swimming pool, the sports fields, or the water activities, this campsite in Corsica guarantees you busy days.

Services and Amenities in Corsica

Designed for your comfort, this campsite in Corsica offers a full range of services, including a restaurant and a beach bar. Access to water and electricity is also available on the pitches.

The Natural Beauty of Corsica

The location of this campsite in Corsica allows you to discover the natural beauty of the island. Mountain landscapes, hiking trails and turquoise waters are on your doorstep, ready to be explored.

What is a Camping Club ?

A Camping Club, like Camping Club Merendella in Corsica, is much more than just a traditional campsite. This is a unique concept that combines the pleasures of camping with the amenities and activities of a vacation club. In Corsica and other tourist destinations, Camping Clubs offer a varied range of accommodation, from pitches for tents and caravans to luxury bungalows and mobile homes.

The Importance of the Water Park in a Camping Club

luxury Corsican campsiteOne of the major attractions of Camping Clubs, particularly those located in sunny destinations like Corsica, is the presence of a water park. This is not just an ordinary swimming pool, but a real oasis of water entertainment.

A Camping Club water park, like the one you can find at Camping Club Merendella in Corsica, is designed to provide a unique and exhilarating experience for all ages. With its slides, its waterfalls, its paddling pools for the little ones and its relaxation areas for adults, it becomes the pulsating heart of the establishment.

In Corsica, where the sun shines generously, a water park in a Camping Club is not only a way to cool off but also a place to meet and socialize. Families create memories there, friends share laughs, and couples find moments of relaxation there.

Water park and Aquagym

In addition, the water park adds a dimension of luxury and fun that differentiates a Camping Club from traditional campsites. It aligns with the Camping Club philosophy of providing a blend of adventure and comfort. Organized aquatic activities, such as aquagym or water games, add a touch of entertainment that captivates and engages vacationers.

The water park in a Camping Club in Corsica or elsewhere is not simply an additional feature; it is an integral part of the vacation experience, combining pleasure, relaxation, and socialization. This is a major reason why so many vacationers choose these establishments for their stays in Corsica and other heavenly destinations.

The Importance of Sports Entertainment in a Camping Club

camping club corsica seasideSports activities play an essential role in the appeal and dynamism of a Camping Club, especially in enchanting destinations like Corsica.

It’s a feature that goes beyond simple entertainment and shapes an active and stimulating vacation experience.

At Camping Club Merendella in Corsica, for example, sports activities are integrated into a daily program offering a variety of activities for all levels.

Whether it’s beach volleyball, tennis, gymnastics or even aerobics classes, sports entertainment encourages participation and engagement.

activities in upper CorsicaThese activities not only allow you to stay in shape during the holidays, but also create a friendly and community atmosphere. They encourage meetings between vacationers, strengthen team spirit, and add a touch of energy and pleasure to the stay.

Sports entertainment in a Camping Club in Corsica is not an option but a standard, offering a complete experience that combines relaxation and activity. The diversity of sports on offer ensures that every member of the family, whatever their age or ability, will find something they enjoy.

Sports activities at a Camping Club transform a simple stay into a healthy and social adventure.

It’s an opportunity to try new sports, meet people with similar interests, and experience a vacation in Corsica that is much more than just downtime.

It is an experience that revitalizes the body and mind, making each day an opportunity for growth, pleasure and friendship.

The Importance of Evenings at a Camping Club

Corsican campsite entertainment MerendellaIn the warm and friendly atmosphere of a Camping Club, the evenings occupy a special place. They are the time when the community comes together to celebrate, relax and have fun, enriching the Corsican holiday experience.

At Camping Club Merendella, evenings are meticulously planned to offer a range of varied entertainment that will appeal to all ages. From live shows to dancing, karaoke and theme nights, every evening offers an opportunity to laugh, dance and enjoy life.

These evenings are not just entertainment; they shape the social character of the Camping Club. They encourage interaction between vacationers, creating lasting friendships and memories. The festive and inclusive atmosphere transforms the vacation experience into a shared adventure.

The importance of evenings in a Camping Club in Corsica goes beyond immediate pleasure. They create a feeling of belonging and unity which makes the stay more memorable. Whether it’s discovering a hidden talent at karaoke night or dancing under the stars with new friends, these moments become the highlights of the trip.

The true essence of a Camping Club lies in the wealth of activities and services. Often located near the beach or other natural attractions, these clubs in Corsica and elsewhere offer leisure activities for all ages, such as swimming, hiking, water sports, and evening entertainment.

Corsican camping eveningsCamping Clubs are designed to offer a complete holiday experience, with restaurants, bars, swimming pools and play areas on site. By choosing a Camping Club in Corsica or other popular destinations, you are opting for a getaway where comfort meets adventure, all in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. It is the ideal option for those looking to combine the authenticity of camping with the luxury and entertainment of a resort.

Camping Club Merendella in Corsica is much more than just a place to stay; it is a destination in itself. Between the well-designed locations, abundant activities and proximity to the natural beauty of Corsica, it promises an enriching vacation experience. Book your stay and immerse yourself in the best that Corsica has to offer, immersing yourself in luxury, comfort and nature at Camping Club Merendella.

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