The most charming towns around Moriani Plage in Corsica


As you travel around Corsica, an island of unspoilt beauty, you’ll be captivated by its picturesque towns, which exude authentic Corsican culture. Around Moriani Plage, a real jewel on the eastern coast, you’ll find a number of emblematic towns that are well worth a visit. Follow the guide through the Corsican towns that are the heartbeat of the island.


An hour’s drive north of Moriani Plage, the town of Bastia stands proudly on Corsica’s northeast coast. A true blend of history, culture and art, Bastia is known for its picturesque old port, colorful houses and winding streets. Place Saint-Nicolas, with its lively cafés and terraces, offers a glimpse of everyday Corsican life.

The Bastia Citadel, a testimony to Corsican history

If Corsica is a land rich in tradition and history, the citadel of Bastia stands out as an essential chapter in this fascinating tale. Just a few kilometers from Moriani Plage, this imposing fortress proudly dominates the old port, evoking centuries of history and resilience in the face of invaders.

Originally conceived in the 15th century as a simple defensive tower, it was later enlarged and fortified to become a veritable citadel. This edifice played a major role in protecting Bastia, notably against the assaults of barbarian pirates and the various maritime powers seeking to seize Corsica.

Inside the citadel’s thick walls, the charm remains. The cobbled streets, dotted with colorful houses and small churches, tell stories of bygone days. The Palais des Gouverneurs, now a museum, offers an insight into the history of Bastia and its people.

The view from the citadel is simply breathtaking. The panorama embraces the old port, the red roofs of the city and the sparkling Mediterranean Sea. It’s a real sight for sore eyes and an ideal place to capture the essence of Corsica.

To visit the Bastia citadel is to travel through time, confront history and be charmed by the timeless beauty of this Corsican jewel. An unmissable cultural getaway for anyone staying in the Moriani Plage area.

Corte :

65 km northwest of Moriani Plage, nestled in the heart of the Corsican mountains, Corte is the pride of the island’s interior. Once the capital of independent Corsica, this historic town is dominated by the imposing citadel overlooking the valley. Corte is also the ideal starting point for numerous hikes through the Restonica gorges.

The Citadel of Corte, Corsica’s historic jewel

Perched proudly on a rocky promontory, the citadel of Corte looms over the horizon, bearing witness to the rich past of this emblematic Corsican town. Visible from afar, this majestic fortress is not only a symbol of resistance and pride, but also a must-see for any visitor to the Moriani Plage area.

Built in the 15th century, Corte’s citadel has played a crucial role in Corsican history. It was the seat of government during the island’s brief period of independence and has withstood many sieges over the years. Walking along its ramparts and bastions, you can feel the energy and determination of the Corsican people in the face of invaders.

Inside the citadel, the Museum of Corsica offers a fascinating insight into the island’s culture, history and identity. Exhibitions retrace the traditions, struggles and innovations of Corsicans through the ages.

From the heights of the citadel, you’re rewarded with a breathtaking panoramic view of the town of Corte, the surrounding valleys and majestic mountains. It’s a sight not to be missed, especially at sunrise or sunset, when the golden light envelops Corsica in a magical aura.

A visit to Corte’s citadel is an opportunity to immerse yourself in Corsica’s soul, its tumultuous history and its priceless heritage. An enriching experience for all those wishing to deepen their knowledge of this island of beauty.


Just southwest of Moriani Plage, 6.8 km away, Cervione stretches out over the hills, offering breathtaking views of the Mediterranean. A town of art and history, Cervione is best known for its Baroque cathedral and ethnographic museum. A must for those who want to discover the cultural richness of Corsica.

The Baroque Cathedral of Cervione, Corsica’s architectural pearl

Nestled in the heart of the historic village of Cervione, not far from Moriani Plage, lies an architectural marvel: the Cathédrale Saint-Érasme, Corsica’s Baroque jewel. As soon as you approach, this emblematic monument will surprise you with its elegance and rich history, bearing witness to the island’s religious heritage.

Built in the 18th century, this cathedral is a perfect example of Baroque art, a genre that greatly influenced Corsica during this period. Its white facades, adorned with golden details, contrast magnificently with the azure blue of the Corsican sky, offering an impressive visual spectacle.

The cathedral’s interior is just as majestic. Delicate frescoes, sculpted columns and gilded altars bear witness to the talent of Corsican craftsmen of the period. The historic organ, with its melodious blast, adds a sonic dimension to the experience, taking visitors on a spiritual and cultural journey.

The church square, shaded by old trees, is a meeting place for locals and tourists alike. After admiring the cathedral, many people like to linger here, enjoying the typically Corsican gentle way of life.

The Baroque Cathedral is a symbol of Corsica’s cultural richness, an invitation to discover and immerse yourself in the history and traditions of this magnificent island, just a stone’s throw from Moriani Plage.

Poggio Mezzana

Just 3.2 km northwest of Moriani Plage, Poggio Mezzana is an invitation to relax. This small coastal town, with its sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters, is the ideal place to recharge your batteries away from the hustle and bustle. Architecture lovers will be enchanted by the traditional Corsican houses and ancient chapels dotted around the town.


Just 5.2 km southwest of Moriani Plage, in the foothills of the Corsican mountains, Santa-Maria-Poggio is a town that exudes authenticity. Its cobbled streets, stone houses and centuries-old olive groves reflect a traditional, unspoilt Corsica.

The area around Moriani Plage in Corsica is full of charming towns, each offering a unique blend of history, culture and natural beauty. These towns, true treasures of the island of beauty, are windows onto the Corsican soul. So, if you’re in Moriani Plage, don’t hesitate to explore these nearby gems. Your trip to Corsica will be all the more rewarding.

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