What activities to do during your stay in Corsica


hiking activities in CorsicaCorsica, as a Mediterranean island, offers a variety of activities for visitors. Here are some of the popular activities in Corsica:

1. Beach and water sports: With more than 1,000 km of coastline, Corsica has many magnificent beaches. Visitors can relax on the warm sand, go scuba diving, kayaking, windsurfing and sailing.

2. Hiking and trekking: Corsica is known for its mountainous landscape and spectacular hiking trails. Hiking enthusiasts can explore the famous GR20, considered one of the most difficult hiking trails in Europe, or choose from many other easier hikes.

boat activities in Corsica3. Boat Tours: Visitors can enjoy boat cruises around the island to admire the magnificent cliffs, secluded coves and rock formations. Some excursions also include visits to neighboring islands, such as the Lavezzi Islands and the Sanguinaires Islands.

4. Cultural visits: Corsica has a rich history and unique culture. Visitors can visit historic sites such as the Calvi citadel, the Genoese towers and the Roman remains at Aléria. The town of Bonifacio, perched on limestone cliffs, is also a must-see place to visit.

5. Tasting wines and local specialties: Corsica produces a variety of local wines, including the famous Niellucciu red wine and Vermentinu white wine. Visitors can tour wineries to taste these wines and learn about the production process. It is also recommended to taste Corsican specialties, such as sheep’s cheese, cold meats and fiadone (brocciu dessert).

water sport in Corsica6. Adventure sports: Adventure sports enthusiasts can find many activities in Corsica, such as canyoning, climbing, mountain biking and paragliding. These activities allow visitors to experience the natural beauty of the island while enjoying an adrenaline rush.

7. 4×4 or Quad Explorations: For those who prefer a motorized adventure, 4×4 or quad excursions are available to explore the mountainous landscapes and dirt roads of Corsica. It’s a fun and exciting way to discover the most remote corners of the island.

Many more activities possible in Corsica

These activities in Corsica are just a sample of the many things to do on this stunning island. Whether you are a nature lover, history lover, sports lover or relaxation lover, Corsica offers something for everyone.

Hiking in Corsica

gr20 hike in corsicaCorsica is renowned for its magnificent hiking trails that allow visitors to experience the natural beauty of the island. Here are some of the most popular hikes in Corsica :

1. GR20: The GR20 is the most famous hiking trail in Corsica and is considered one of the most difficult in Europe. It crosses the island from north to south, offering spectacular views of mountains, lakes and forests. The GR20 requires good physical condition and several weeks to complete, but it is possible to do it in shorter sections.

2. Restonica Trail: Located near Corte, this hiking trail offers hikers a unique experience. It winds through the magnificent Restonica Valley, offering breathtaking scenery and the opportunity to swim in natural pools of crystal clear water.

3. Sentier des Douaniers: This coastal path runs along the west coast of Corsica, offering panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea and rugged cliffs. It connects the towns of Calvi and Porto, and allows hikers to discover preserved coastal landscapes and isolated beaches.

4. Punta di Capineru Trail: This hike, located in the Bonifacio region, offers a breathtaking panorama of limestone cliffs and the turquoise sea. It leads to the tip of Capineru, with views of the Lavezzi Islands and Sardinia.

5. Bavella Trail: This hiking trail, located in the Alta Rocca mountains, offers panoramic views of the Bavella Needles, spectacular rock formations. There are several hiking loops in the area, suitable for different levels of difficulty.

6. Sentier des Agriates: This trail crosses the Agriate nature reserve, in northern Corsica. It allows hikers to discover wild landscapes, deserted beaches and picturesque villages.

In conclusion: This is the perfect destination…

It is important to note that some hikes in Corsica can be demanding and require good physical condition. It is recommended to obtain information from local tourist offices, take safety precautions, be well equipped and respect the natural environment.

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