The Corsican Pig French pig breed An ancient tradition


In Corsican, it is called Porcu nustrale.

Corsican pig breedingPorcu nustrale is raised exclusively in Corsica. In Corsican, its name means “ours”. It is present both in Corsica-du-Sud and in Haute-Corse.

The Corsican breed of traditional pig is located in micro-regions. The Corsican pig has been present on the island for centuries, raised outdoors in a semi-wild state.

When France turned to industrial breeding, Corsica perpetuated traditional breeding. In the 1960s-1990s, crossbreeding with the large white, landrace and piedtrain or duroc breeds lightened or scorched the black coat of many local pigs.

pig in CorsicaThe Nustrale pig is a rustic medium-sized pig with a black or gray coat and drooping ears. This species of pig is perfectly adapted to its raised environment in mountain areas, it feeds mainly on acorns and chestnuts.

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