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Photo Gallery of Corsica

Three Photographers who capture the captivating beauty of Corsica

Corsica is an island that never ceases to fascinate and inspire with its diverse landscapes, sparkling coastlines and majestic mountains. A trio of talented photographers, Florence Belin, Pierre Cooke and Yolhan Niveau, have captured the essence and splendor of this magnificent island through their lenses, letting each shot speak the vibrant and passionate language of Corsica.

Florence Belin


Florence Belin is a photographer whose art reveals the softness and serenity of Corsica. With a feminine touch, it encapsulates the light, colors and textures that make Corsica a Mediterranean paradise. Photographs of Florence exude tranquility, each image an invitation to appreciate the natural wonders and cultural richness of Corsica.

Pierre Cooke


Pierre Cooke, another image maker, brings a rich and deep perspective on the diversity of Corsica. Through his photos, Pierre explores the harmonious interaction between the natural elements and the island's inhabitants. His images, often bathed in natural light, show Corsica alive, authentic and eternally beautiful, thus reflecting the authentic soul of Corsica.

Yolhan Niveau


Finally, Yolhan Niveau stands out for his ability to capture spontaneous moments and vibrant scenes of the natural life of Corsica. His photographs are windows open to animal and natural life, breathtaking landscapes taken above the island. Yolhan, with an eye for the air, succeeds with his drone in capturing and editing cinematographic scenes, bringing out the passion and love for Corsica.

The talent and passion of photographers Florence Belin, Pierre Cooke and Yolhan Niveau illuminate the natural and cultural heritage of Corsica, each with a unique style and fresh perspective. Their images invite us on an unforgettable visual journey through the ethereal mountains, resplendent coastlines and vibrant cultures of this breathtaking island.

Florence Belin overwhelms us in softness and harmony, letting the calm of the Corsican landscapes speak to our hearts. Pierre Cooke, with impeccable mastery of light and composition, tells the dynamic story of Corsica, forging an intimate connection between the viewer and the island. Yolhan Niveau, by capturing delicate nuances and sincere moments, reveals the authentic soul of Corsica and its inhabitants.

These photographers, by uniting their visions, have created a visual mosaic of Corsica, reflecting not only its physical beauty, but also its spirit, its ambiance and its heritage. Their work is a continuing celebration of the diversity and richness that Corsica has to offer, leaving viewers not only with images, but with enchanting emotions and memories of this island paradise. By sharing their perspectives, they contribute in an invaluable way to the preservation and enhancement of Corsica’s exceptional heritage.

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