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Our Mobil PRIVILEGES and OPTIMUM are located a few dozen meters from the beach and are carefully set up in a wooded park of 7 hectares.

For 6 to 9 people, they consist of a double bedroom and two bedrooms with side-by-side, bunk or mezzanine beds, ideal for your family. You will find a fully equipped kitchen attached to your outdoor terrace to enjoy the summer.
At the heart of our Corsican campsite by the sea, they harmonize perfectly with nature and guarantee everyone privacy and tranquility.

And for your holidays to be extraordinary, take advantage of all our entertainment.

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Mobils Summum 2ch

Our Mobils Summum composed of 2 bedrooms for up to 4 people in our Camping Corsica.

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x 4

Starting at 263€

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Mobils Summum 3ch

Our Mobils Summum composed of 3 bedrooms for up to 6 people in our Camping Corsica.

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x 6

Starting at 308€

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Mobils Optimum


Our Mobil Optimum can accommodate up to 9 people in our campsite by the sea in Corsica.

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x 9

Starting at 364€

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Mobils Privileges


Our Mobils Privileges composed of 3 rooms for 6 people in our campsite in Haute Corse.

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x 6

Starting at 336€

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Family campsite in Corsica

Nestled in the heart of nature, our family campsite in Corsica offers a unique experience, combining the exceptional natural beauty of the island with a warm atmosphere and friendly, perfectly adapted to the needs of families looking for adventure and relaxation.

Our camping in Corsica offers a wide range of accommodations for all holidaymakers. Choose from our mobile homes, chalets, bungalows, or campsites for a stay with family or friends. Fans of motorhomes, caravans, or tent camping will find pitches surrounded by nature.

Discover our Accommodations

Tent and campervan pitch

Immerse yourself in the authentic camping experience by opting for our spacious tent pitches. Surrounded by Corsican nature, these pitches offer a unique atmosphere for campers who appreciate simplicity while taking advantage of the modern equipment available.

Our campsite also welcomes camper vans, caravans, and offers shaded pitches. Enjoy a well-stocked grocery store, a friendly atmosphere, and lively evenings at the snack bar.

Mobile homes

For those looking for comfort without compromise, our mobile homes are the ideal option. Equipped with all the necessary amenities, these accommodations provide a warm space where families can relax after a day of outdoor adventures.


For a warmer and more comfortable camping experience, our rustic chalets combine the charm of wood with modern amenities. Enjoy the privacy of your own space while staying close to the nature around you.


Immerse yourself in Corsican history and tradition by choosing our accommodation in bergerie. These authentic accommodations offer a unique experience, with all modern comforts while preserving the rustic charm of the island's traditional buildings.

Activities for the Whole Family

Whatever your choice of accommodation or your preference in terms of activities, our family campsite in Corsica promises you a memorable holiday, combining comfort, adventure and entertainment for the whole family. Between the sports activities, children's clubs, and entertainment, each member of the family will find what they are looking for.

Entertainment for Young and Old

Our campsite team organizes numerous entertainments for the whole family. From games for little ones to friendly competitions for adults, each member of the family will find an activity suited to their tastes.

Water Park

The water park is the favorite place for the whole family in search of freshness and aquatic pleasure. Water slides, swimming pools suitable for all ages and relaxation areas, our water park offers a full day of entertainment under the Corsican sun.

Exciting Slides

Thrill seekers can try out our captivating slides. From the gentlest to the most daring, each water slide offers a unique experience, guaranteeing laughter and bursts of joy.

The youngest members of the family can enjoy their own aquatic space in our paddling pool heated specially designed to ensure a safe and fun experience.

Water Activities

For lovers of sea adventures, we offer a variety of options. From kayak to jet ski, explore the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean under the supervision of our experienced instructors.

Hiking in the Wild

Whether you are an experienced hiker or a beginner, our trails offer diversity that suits all levels. From family hikes through the forest to more daring climbs for those who love challenges, everyone can find their own rhythm in the heart of the Corsican nature.

Book your family campsite in Corsica

With our family campsite in Corsica, holidays take on a new dimension, offering a multitude of high quality services quality in order to satisfy all your expectations.

Whether you opt for a mobile home, a chalet or a camping pitch, our green oasis invites you to enjoy a pure moment of relaxation and well-being. In a preserved natural setting, experience a successful campsite in harmony with the serenity of nature.

Approved Vacaf, our family campsite offers you the opportunity to enjoy affordable stays in Corsica. Don't wait any longer, book your stay today for your next family vacation.

Tips for a Successful Family Camping

Camping as a family is an exciting adventure that creates lasting memories. To ensure your camping experience is as enjoyable as possible, follow these handy tips that will ensure a memorable stay for everyone in the family.

Choose the Right Campsite : Before you leave, research the campsites available in the area. Opt for a family campsite that offers child-friendly facilities, fun activities, and is located in a safe and welcoming environment.

Plan Ahead : Prepare by planning your route, reserving your campsite in advance and checking available facilities. Having a solid plan reduces stress and allows the family to focus on having fun.

Equip Properly : Make sure you pack all the necessary equipment, including spacious tents, comfortable sleeping bags, flashlights, cooking utensils, and everything you could need for a comfortable outdoor stay.

Prioritize Safety : Make sure that the campsite you choose takes safety seriously. Check the location of first aid, establish a meeting point in case of separation, and teach children the basics of outdoor safety.

Encourage Exploration : Stimulate children's curiosity by encouraging them to explore the nature around them. Organize family hikes, outdoor games and wildlife viewing activities to create lasting memories.

Stay Connected, but Not Too Much : Enjoy family time by limiting the use of electronic devices. However, keep your phone charged for any emergencies and to capture those special moments in photos.

Respect the Environment : Take an environmentally friendly approach by recycling, minimizing waste and following campsite rules. Teach children the importance of preserving nature for future generations.

Relax and Have Fun : Family camping is an opportunity to relax and have fun together. Let go of the minor details, enjoy the present moment and create memories that will stay with the whole family.

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