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trait-titre-noirSwimming pool day 07/23trait-titre-noir


On July 23 at the Merendella campsite, pool day was a veritable oasis of relaxation and fun. The Corsican sun shone brightly, warming the atmosphere around the sparkling pool. Families and friends gathered to enjoy this summer interlude, diving enthusiastically into the crystal-clear waters.

Children's laughter echoed merrily as they frolicked in the water, while adults lounged on deckchairs, sipping icy refreshments. The palm trees provided welcome shade for those seeking a break from the sun. Lively exchanges and light conversation punctuated the day, creating an atmosphere of camaraderie.

Daring dives and slides in the water added a dose of adrenalin to a memorable day. On July 23 in Merendella, the pool was the ideal meeting place to savor summer, creating radiant memories steeped in sunshine, cool water and shared laughter.

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