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Concerned about respecting the environment and the quality of our services, it is only natural that this year, we have taken steps to ensure that our Corsican campsite by the sea obtains the Ecolabel.

Respect for the environment is more necessary than ever and we want our 4 * establishment to contribute to this.

In this process and in maintaining these rules, we are also counting on your support and your help to jointly ensure the protection of our environment and reduce our impact on it.

This is why we ask our customers to respect a few simple actions in order to be better for the environment :

- Turn off the lights when you leave a room
- Do not let the water run without need
- Close doors and windows when the air conditioning is on
- Turn off the air conditioning when you leave the accommodation
- Sort the waste

The European Ecolabel will be a guarantee of the quality of your stay in our establishment and it is together with the involvement of all that we will keep it.

Our actions in favor of the environment financed by ADEME in partnership with the CCI of Corsica within the framework of the Sustainable Tourism Fund.

Our partner Corsica Camping is also on board to launch a labeling program for numerous establishments throughout Corsica.
Corsica Camping is an eco-responsible Corsican camping chain.

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