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Water games seaside

Wibit Inflatable Games

Camping Merendella offers water games arranged on the seafront plain Eastern Corsica where young and old will discover new sensations !
If the bait is heavy enough, the "catapult" will propel you to put over the clear water of Corsica... attention to take off !

The space secured and supervised by a lifeguard.

Access to these activities is free for all campers !

Activity submitted each year to prefectoral authorization. Therefore, not offered in 2023.

These developments are subject to the right of occupation of the maritime domain.
An authorization can not be "not renewed" the following year. As a result, we may not guarantee this activity during the 2024 season.

Thank you the administration !

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Activity available from 15/06 to 15/09 !

Discover the water games by the sea

If before, going to beach meant relaxing, sunbathing, swimming and eating. Currently, it is quite different. Indeed, there are various water games at the sea accessible from the Camping Merendella in Corsica. What to spend moments of pure pleasure and perfectly animated.

A suitable attraction for young and old

Through the water games at the seaside Camping, everyone is entitled to his share of happiness. Indeed, here everyone can have fun through activities and discover new sensations.

With the water games at the seaside on the campsite, no question of being away. The "catapult" awaits you and propels you up. No way to hurt you, you will land in beauty in the water.

Here you will enjoy various fun and original games. Each stage allows you to live a unique and unequaled moment.

Combine fun and security at the same time

To allow you to fully experience the water games at the seaside, there are several safety measures taken to ensure your safety, as well as your children. Indeed, the space of game is arranged and controlled according to the required standards. In addition, a lifeguard is available on site to intervene when needed.

And if we discuss this special activity !

The beachfront games offered here stand out from the others and activities on the other beaches. Indeed, here, every detail is studied rigorously to provide a satisfactory rendering that corresponds to everyone's expectations. In addition, the water games at the seaside are open to all residents of Camping Merendella free of charge. Thus, during your stay in Corsica, you can take full advantage of it.

There are different attractions and other services to discover within the campsite. Do not hesitate to inquire and book now your holidays in Camping in Corsica.

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