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The Grande Randonnée 20 (GR20) trail is one of the most difficult hiking trails in Europe. Crossing Corsica from north to south, it stretches for approximately 180km.

From Calenzana in the North to Conca in the South, crossing the mountain range of the Regional Natural Park of Corsica, the hike is 16 stages long.

It is possible to complete the GR20 from North to South or from South to North, the northern part of the hike being the most complex because of its access paths as steep as they are rocky.

Qualified as the most difficult trail in Europe, the GR20 requires very good physical condition and preparation beforehand.

You can then make the hike in total autonomy or by spending the night in the shelters and / or sheepfolds on the course.
The path passing through the Regional Natural Park of Corsica, a protected site, well-defined areas are set up to spend the night during your stages; wild camping in this area of ​​the Isle of Beauty is prohibited.

Although the difficulty is high, the GR20 will allow you to discover places, landscapes that you will not be able to see otherwise. It is one more alternative to discover the island of beauty, its natural resources and its heritage.

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