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Campsite with Half Board and Full Board.

If you are looking for a campsite with half board on the island of beauty, you have come to the right place !

What a pleasure to meet in the morning around a good breakfast… Without having to prepare anything! Because holidays are made for slowing down, let yourself be pampered by opting for the half-board or full-board offer at our campsite in Haute Corse. Sit down, we take care of everything !

How it works ? Opt for the “Half-board” or “Full-board” option when booking your stay on our website. When you arrive at the campsite, you will be given a coupon and throughout your stay, a place will be automatically reserved for you in the restaurant at the entrance to the campsite.

Here are the three options we offer :

Half pension :

Formula n°1 : €25/person, €14/child up to 8 years old, including breakfast (buffet style*) and dinner (mandatory dish)
Formula n°2 : €30/person, €14/child up to 8 years old, including breakfast and dinner (dish of your choice) with a choice of dessert or 3-ball ice cream.

Full board :

Formula n°3 : €42/person, €25/child up to 8 years old, including breakfast, lunch (dish of the day formula), dinner (choice of main course €14) and choice of dessert.

Terms of the offer :

- Offer valid subject to availability
- Offer valid from April to October
- Offer valid excluding drinks
- Non-refundable offer

Your advantages :

- Malin: a formula at reduced prices thanks to pre-booking
- Peace of mind: go on vacation with peace of mind, we take care of everything
- Save time: your meal is just around the corner !

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