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Selective sorting

In an approach of respect for the environment and obtaining the European Ecolabel this year, we are doing everything we can to preserve it and it comes first of all through your information.

Let us respect all these simple rules to take better care of our planet and act together to protect it !

Selective sorting
For your waste, we have a designated area so that everyone can collect waste properly. We distinguish plastic, cardboard, paper from other household waste, a container suitable for each type of sorting is in our collection area at the entrance of the campsite.

Used batteries
A used battery collection box is located at the reception of the campsite. We invite you to drop the defective pills from your devices when necessary. We thank you for not throwing these batteries in ordinary trash cans.

Energy saving
In an energy saving approach, all our rentals are equipped with low-consumption lamp lighting. The low-consumption lights of some of our rentals go out when you leave your mobile home.

For your comfort, some of our rentals are equipped with air conditioning. This will delight your stay. However, we remind you to close the doors and windows of your rental when the air conditioning is on, to keep the fresh air inside, or to turn it off when you leave.

Some simple eco-friendly gestures to respect in order to be better for the environment :
- Turn off the lights when you leave a room
- Do not let the water run without need
- Close doors and windows when the air conditioning is on
- Turn off the air conditioning when you leave the accommodation
- Sort waste

We are counting on you !

Respect for the environment is an essential component in our tourist activity to ensure sustainability and sustainable development in our campsite, respecting both our environment and the natural environment of the eastern plain, Corsica and beyond. beyond the planet.

1. In this sense, we have undertaken a European Eco-label initiative, which revolves around 4 strategic axes :
- Promote communication and customer education in environmental matters
- Reduce energy and water consumption
- Limit waste production (sorting at source)
- Develop the use of renewable energies and substances that are less dangerous for the environment.

An energy diagnosis is being carried out with a study firm labeled RGE Energie, it should make it possible to optimize the existing one and to invest in new, more efficient equipment.

2. In order to respect the criteria, and to make A MERENDELLA an environmentally friendly establishment, the participation of all staff is essential, we are counting on you to share this commitment in 2020/21, with good daily practices :

Energy management
- Turn off lights and other electrical appliances when not in use
- Do not leave heating or air conditioning in empty or unoccupied rooms
- Staff awareness and training

Water management
- Limit water consumption in sanitary facilities
- Do not let the water run if it is not necessary

Waste management
- Optimize waste management based on a new organization underway in the establishment
- Explain to the customer how to sort their waste
- Limit the printing of documents by giving priority to both sides and scrap sheets. Set up a suitable display.

Chemical substances
- Do not exceed the amount of detergent or disinfectant recommended on the packaging, mainly use Eco-labeled products.
- Do not throw toxic or dangerous substances in the sinks or toilets

Raising customer awareness of the environment and an eco-citizen approach
- Be able to explain to customers the environmental approach of the campsite
- Set up a sorting ambassador and relay people to customers
- Promote and educate customers about Eco gestures
- Communicate with a powerful display

3. This policy constitutes a basis :
- training for staff
- awareness raising for partners and stakeholders integrated into the value chain.

4. The implementation of this policy can be found in the 2020-2022 action program.

5. This policy will be posted on our website and presented at the reception desk of the residence. It will be sent to our suppliers and service providers. It will be revised each year in the light of the progress of the action plan

6. In this context, I make a commitment to release the technical, financial and organizational resources necessary for its implementation. It is everyone's responsibility that this process succeeds, it will not be easy but you have all my confidence and we will get there.

The European Eco Label is a step towards setting an example in the Corsican region. My objective is to make this sustainable development, anchored in the territory as an extension of a regional circular economy in which we will become players in partnership with ADEME and the communities, and that with all of you.

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