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Selective sorting

In a process of respect for the environment and obtaining the European Ecolabel this year, we are doing everything we can to preserve it and this first and foremost requires your information.

Let's all follow these simple rules to take better care of our planet and act together to protect it !

Our engagements :


Energy :
- 50% of the electricity comes from renewable energy sources.
- All our accommodations are equipped with low consumption lamps
- Some of our rentals have an automatic switch-off of the lighting when you leave the premises.


Waste :
- We sort waste, a fitted area is available in the car park
- We fight against individual packaging and the waste generated by it


Interview :
- We push our commitments in the choice of our products and favor eco-labeled products.


Bar-Restaurant :
- We favor local producers and suppliers and seasonal products


Biodiversity :
- The campsite has a body of water on which and in which a whole protected biodiversity evolves, in particular you may have the chance to see the Corsican Discoglosse, a species of amphibian endemic to Corsica and which evolves serenely in this area quiet and protected.

A few small gestures for the planet :


Energy :
- Turn off the lights when you leave the premises
- Turn off the air conditioning if you leave or open the windows
- Stop heating if doors or windows are open


Water :
- Report any water leak in the accommodation or common areas of the establishment
- Do not let the water run without need
- Do not throw anything down the toilet; sanitary napkins, tampons or other


Waste :
- Sort waste through our sorting area
- Do not throw used batteries in the trash, bring them back to reception


Transportation :
- You have the possibility of taking certain means of transport to get to different places on the island, bus a few minutes from the campsite, train a few kilometers from the campsite.
- To visit the surroundings of the campsite, prefer cycling, our bike rental partner is located a few minutes from the campsite

Environmental policy
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