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Canyoning in Corsica

Canyoning activity near Camping Merendella in Corsica

You can choose from several Canyons in Bavella needles. You will cross beautiful pools of turquoise water in the middle of a unique and wild landscape. An activity accessible to all, to share with family or friends !

The different Canyons

Cipettu - Barchetta
Beautiful brook flow guaranteed all year. Reminders, toboggans, jump. Everything is together for a nice descent. Approach walk 30 mn, descent 2h30, picnic, walk back 45 mn (Canyon day).

La Vacca
Beautiful canyon in the heart of the Bavella massif, large basins with turquoise colors, down to the foot of pink granite needles. Playful in its configuration, it allows you to surpass yourself in beautiful jumps, possible but not mandatory. Approach walk 30 minutes, descent 3 hours, picnic, walk back 45 minutes (Canyon day).

La Purcaraccia
Beautiful canyon in the upper part of the Bavella needles, many slides accompany the descent, as well as beautiful rappels (50 m). All in a splendid setting. Approach walk 45 minutes, descent 3 hours, picnic, walk back 20 minutes. (Canyon day).

Le Pulischellu
Very nice initiation downhill in the heart of the massif with slides and jumps, a real festival of water games. Approach walk 15 minutes, descent 1:30, arrival at the level of the road. (Half day canyon).

Activity Details Canyoning

Maximum number per group : 12 people

Required conditions :
- Being in good physical condition
- Learn to swim
- Minimum age: 10/12 years (parental authorization for minors not accompanied by their parents)

Registration : 24 hours in advance at the headquarters of the association or by phone.

Transport : Either by private vehicle or minibus.

Mandatory personal equipment :
- T-shirt
- Swimsuit
- Sneakers or tennis shoes
- "Snacks" type cereal bars
- Water 1l per person
- Picnic

Loaned equipment :
- Full neoprene wetsuit with hood 5.5 mn
- Harness equipped with descender and safety lanyards
- Helmet, bag and watertight container (CEE standard).

Framing : Confirmed island guide, canyon state graduate, more than fifteen years of experience, RCPRO insurance.

Security : A canyon trip can be canceled at any time, for weather reasons or other problems such as rising water, which could compromise the safety of the group.

Prices :

Canyoning Moriani - Bucca découverte : 50€ / pers
Canyoning Moriani - Bucca sensations : 60€ / pers
Canyoning Le Pulischellu : 45€ / pers
Canyoning La Purcaraccia : 50€ / pers
Canyoning La Vacca : 55€ / pers

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