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Diving in Corsica

Spend a holiday with a dive at the seaside Corsica

Decided to make a holiday by the sea? Orient your destination to Corsica. In this paradisiac region, you will meet the most beautiful beaches of the South of France. To discover the beauty of the seabed for the first time, plan a dive on the Corsica seaside right now.

An underwater discovery at a low price

A dive at the seaside Corsica usually lasts between 15 and 20 minutes. However, it takes about 3 hours to complete the activity. Which will cost you less than 50 euros. Guided by passionate professionals, you can touch the seabed with your own hands. In addition, you will be privileged to immerse yourself in the sea to meet old reefs as well as fauna and flora underwater. You will also see several types of fish and animals that live in the sea. For a diving baptism, you will explore the bottom of the sea of the Costa Verde. If you want to expand your dive area, ask to visit the underwater world of the east coast. It is of great importance to book in advance the day you want to benefit from this activity in order to obtain the supervision of qualified staff.

A campsite by the sea for the whole family

It is possible to provide accommodation near the ocean so that you can make a dive at the seaside Corsica at any time of the day. Camping Merendella offers to take care of your place of residence throughout your stay in Corsica. It has comfortable and secure sites that are installed at the seaside. There are different dimensions of tents that adapt to the number of occupants. With these locations, it is no longer necessary to travel far to scuba dive and other water activities.

First dive

You do not tire of exploring every corner of the Costa Verde? And why not the seabed ?

Framed by passionate professionals, be enchanted by the silence of the seabed and share a memorable moment in the midst of a fauna and flora still preserved...

Duration of immersion : Between 15 and 20 minutes
Total duration of the activity : Between 2h30 and 3h
Level : All
Rate : 48€ / pers

Exploration dive

Discover the underwater world of the east coast.

You can visit many wrecks that nature has assimilated, such as reefs and discover a variety of fauna and flora.

Level : All
Rate : 50€ / pers

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