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Bike rental in Corsica

ATV rental

Here everything invites you to let go and take full advantage of this exceptional natural environment. Bring your senses to life and enjoy the simple pleasures that surround you. Forests, rivers and natural springs offer freshness and new fragrances. Our mountain bike trails offer you many surprises, so be attentive !!! Discover Casinca, Castagniccia and Costa Verde, their postcard landscapes, their majestic villages overlooking the plains, the Tyrrhenian Sea and the islands of the Tuscan archipelago, a heritage built with history and century-old chestnut trees.

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Our mountain bike tours

Castagniccia - Loop n°1 - At the Mineral Waters of Orezza

Pretty loop in the woods away from the heat, technical in its second part with departure to Eaux d'Orezza. Long flat track rolling on which is a typical Corsican pig farm then crossing the river to go up a somewhat steep track and finally reach a very nice flat area adorned with stone retaining walls. The technical descent is through the chestnut grove to join the river crossing to go, for a return by the starting track.


Castagniccia - Loop n°2 - Croce

Departure from the village of Croce, small characteristic village of Castagniccia then take a flat track rolling through the chestnut grove to the communal cottages to resume the road and head to the chapel St Christophe with a bird's eye view of the lower villages and the summit from San Petrone. The return is by track and by road with a passage to the hamlets of Poggio.


Castagniccia - Loop n°3 - Croce

Loop with some portions common to the 2, but a little longer and more technical with the crossing of the village of Nocario and its stone fountain, Erbagio village typical of the region and its stone pavement. Then join St Christophe then Polveroso and finally Poggio to go to Corce.


Costa Verde - Loop n°4 - A Mandria, Bottom of the Inn

If the descent through the field is very fun, the climb will require an adult help for the youngest.


Costa Verde - Loop n°5 - A Mandria, Bottom of the Inn

These two loops can be traveled one by one provided that they respect the meaning; soft ground; the ascent to the hostel 1km from the finish, presents the most physical climb.


Costa Verde - Loop n°7 - A Mandria, Bottom of the Inn

Coupled with the 7b, this loop is the must of the whole site ! A long ascending track, more and more brittle, leads to the village of Talasani, a piece of tar, then, from the cross, follows a mad descent, that you follow the 7 or the 7a (the latter shorter but sometimes technical back to the starting point). If you keep the 7, after a technical descent too, a rise on the tar allows you to chain the 7b by the link section (to avoid in case of storm or fog). Otherwise the 7 leads you to the village of Isolaccio and a last single 4 stars will end to delight you.


Costa Verde - Loop n°7a - A Mandria, Bottom of the Inn

Shortcut of the 7 (See description)


Costa Verde - Loop n°7b - Pero Casevecchie

To avoid in case of storm or fog. Expected from Pero, this loop can also be used as an alternative to the 7 thanks to the black dotted line. So it's more than 700m downhill technical descent that you chained to the sea !


Casinca - Loop n°9 - Cap Sud

Course perfectly flat to avoid in case of muddy ground. Beware of the portions of roads crossed and borrowed.


Casinca - Loop n°10 - Saint Pancrace - Parvis of the Church

On either side of the national road, only the descent on the present arrival of the slope and a dangerous road crossing also pay attention to 3kms of tar after Folelli. Beware of the portions of roads crossed and borrowed.

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The details of the ATV rental

Rates City bike, VTC, MTB brake skates :

- 1/2 day (4 hours) : 10€
- 1 day : 15€
- 3 days : 35€
- 7 days : 70€
- 15 days : 130€
- Bail : 150€

MTB Disc Brake Rates :

- 1/2 day (4 hours) : 12€
- 1 day : 18€
- 3 days : 40€
- 7 days : 80€
- 15 days : 150€
- Bail : 300€

Electric bike fares :

- 1 jour : 25€
- 3 days : 60€
- 7 days : 160€
- 15 days : 300€
- Bail : 1200€

Included in the rental :

- Helmet - anti-theft - pump - repair kit - safety vest.
- Free on request: baby seat - pedals for shoes.
- MTB - basket - tensioner.

Rental conditions :

- Presentation of an identity document and payment of the deposit.

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